BOK TOWER GARDENS  Lake Wales, Florida

Wealthy Dutch immigrant Edward W. Bok spent much of his life in Pennsylvania, but he enjoyed spending winters in Florida. He would frequently hike to the top of Iron Mountain, one of Florida’s highest points, and fell in love with the views and the surrounding landscape – so much so that he purchased the land and, with the help of legendary landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsted Jr., turned it into one of Florida's first destination attractions. The "Singing Tower" is among the most exquisite carillon instruments in the world. Bok opened the gardens to the public in 1929, and it quickly became a renowned place of tranquility and beauty to all visitors. The Gardens today welcome visitors from all over the world to witness local wildlife, colorful displays of native plants, and spectacular views. 

The Gardens are currently in the midst of revitalizing their visitor center and exhibits, and ObjectIDEA is working as the interpretive planner and exhibit developer.