Our Green Trail Opens | Boston Children's Museum | September 2009

The LEED-certified building that houses the Boston Children’s Museum is perhaps it’s largest exhibit. Sporting a leafy green roof, a capacity-sensitive HVAC system, and innovative plumbing and electrical fixtures, it serves as a great model for how energy and materials play a role in our lives while offering tips for how we can make a difference in the choices we make today and the futures we live in to.

Along the green trail, you can play Green Roof Pinball, navigate the a-Maze-ing Green Spaces maze, match materials’ first and second lives, and offer your own Bright Ideas for how to use energy efficient technology. The game stations are inspired by classic game challenges and they require little to no written instructions. They’re seriously fun!

Most importantly, before you leave the Boston Children’s Museum, you can sign up to continue walking the green trail at home by joining the Our Green Trail on-line community. Once enrolled, your family receives a series of on-line challenges designed to help you realize your own goals toward living a greener lifestyle at home and at school.