National Rivers Center Opens | Dubuque, Iowa

Object Idea celebrated the opening of a new project in the summer of 2010. An indoor water fall greets visitors as they prepare to celebrate America's great rivers in the National Rivers Center, a phase-two expansion of the National Mississippi River Museum. 

The immersive RiverWays gallery invites visitors to enter a canal; explore a river cave; and discover the history, culture, artifacts, and people of the diverse and watery interior of the United States.

Rivers to the Sea traces the story of water and rivers as they flow from streams to rivers to the ocean. Visitors enjoy four salt-water aquariums including a 40,000 gallon Gulf of Mexico tank holding sharks, rays, and the beautiful schooling fish found at the mouth of the Mississippi.

RiverWorks invites children of all ages to explore through hands-on, water-based activities. They learn about rivers and what rivers mean to all of us. This children's "museum within a museum" keeps its river focus, with a crawl through beaver lodge, water table and a pedal-powered "water cycle."

The Large Format 3D/4D Immersion Theater presents 3D high definition sights, and 4D special effects including dramatic sound, wind, mist, seat movement and smells of the on-screen action.