Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum | Long Island, New York | November, 2008

Thar she blows – Another whaling museum!

I'm thrilled to be "cutting in" to another whaling museum project. This past October I began consulting with the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum located in Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island, New York. Working with EarthRise Design, objectIDEA will complete the facility and exhibition master plan in early 2009.

Having served as the exhibition developer during the planning of the Nantucket Historical Society Whaling Museum some years ago (the Museum opened in 2005), I find it both nostalgic and comfortable to be once again contemplating how to interpret the objects and stories of American whaling.

The collections look familiar: scrimshaw, captains' portraits, figureheads, harpoons, and even a fully
equipped whaleboat (seen here). We're especially excited to research the differences between New England/Mid Atlantic, and island/mainland whaling operations in an effort to make Cold Spring Harbor's story unique in the region.