Coltsville Plan Delivered to State, National Park Service, and General Public | Hartord, CT | December 2008

On December 18, ObjectIDEA participated in the presentation of a completed Visitor Experience Plan for Coltsville National Historic Park. The plan, commissioned by the state of Connecticut, analyses the interpretive potential of the site, and offers a vision for the use of the remnant buildings that comprise the historic landscape of the Colt Firearms Manufactory known as Coltsville. The focus of the interpretive plan is on the processes pioneered by the Colt Company that honed the future of precision manufacturing in America, and the business ingenuity of Samuel and Elizabeth Colt in the realms of product promotion and international business.

The plan was presented from the lectern of the Church of the Good Shepherd, an 1869 High Victorian Gothic church, whose construction was commissioned by Mrs. Colt to serve the workers who resided in Coltsville.

CT Congressman John Larson opened and closed the presentation with inspirational remarks and enthusiastic endorsement. The presentation was broadcast on the state's public television channel.